Thefts, disturbances, part of weekend calls

Terrace RCMP responded to approximately 204 files from Jan. 13 to 19. About 77 of those files occurred over the weekend, Friday Jan. 17 to Sunday Jan. 19 at midnight. Below are highlights from the weekend’s calls for service.

Sobering up with police
   Disturbance related calls led to more than a dozen people sobering up with police this weekend.
   Friday Jan. 17, saw two men and a woman arrested on the 4400 block of Lakelse Avenue and the 300 block of Williams Creek Avenue. On Saturday, six people were lodged in cells to sober up safely: four men and two women on the 2500 block of Pear Street and the 4600 block of Lakelse Avenue.
Sunday saw three men and a woman arrested on the 4600 block of Lazelle Avenue and the 4600 block of Haugland.
   All were released when sober.

Impaired driving
File # 2020-550
   A man lost his license for 90 days after leaving a bar in Terrace early Saturday morning.
   Around 12:37 a.m., Jan. 18, police were conducting patrols when a truck was observed with no taillights. A traffic stop was initiated and, after speaking with the driver, roadside breath tests were conducted. Both tests registered Fail readings, indicating a blood-alcohol content exceeding .08.
   A 90-day driving prohibition and 30-day vehicle impound were issued under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Items stolen from unlocked car
File # 2020-582
   Money and financial cards were stolen from an unlocked car on Hamer Street this week.
   Around 11 a.m., Jan. 19, 2020, Terrace RCMP received a report of a theft from vehicle on the 4600 block of Hamer.
   No damage was done to the vehicle.

Chainsaw, generator stolen
File # 2020-590
   Numerous tools were stolen after a seasonal residence was broken into earlier this month.
   On Jan. 19, Terrace RCMP received a report of a break-in on the 18000 block of Hwy 16, around Jan. 4. Among the items stolen were a chainsaw, generator, fuel and other items. 
   Police are investigating.


RCMP is HIRING – Recruiting Events coming to Terrace

Ever wondered if you could be a police officer? Want to find out?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are holding a career presentation and exam workshop in Thornhill on Jan. 31, at the Holiday Inn.

“We are Canada’s national police service and unique in the world, providing policing services at the international, federal, provincial, and municipal levels” said Constable Erika DIRSUS of the RCMP Proactive Recruiting Unit. “The RCMP gives you the opportunity to become a part of something much larger than yourself – or anything you could ever imagine.”

To do the job, RCMP need applicants from all backgrounds who are physically fit, up for a challenge and ready to make a difference wherever they’re posted.Those interested are invited to attend one or both of the following:


  • Friday, Jan. 31, 6 PM


  • Friday, Jan. 31, 8 PM


  • Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 3059 Highway 16 East Thornhill

Pre-registration is required for each event. Call 1-877-726-7472, or email

Be sure to include the following information:

Your name

Email address or phone number

Date and location of presentation

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the presentation with identification.The entrance exam workshop is designed to provide those interested with an opportunity to prepare for the RCMP Entrance Exam. A recruiter will review the various components of the exam and review sample questions. Participants will also walk away with general test-taking strategies, tips and study resources to help prepare for success. Anyone who is, or knows someone who is thinking about becoming a police officer with the RCMP, can learn more at

14 Jan 2020 – Thefts, impairs, and breaches part of last week’s file count

   The first full week of January saw Terrace RCMP respond to approximately 208 files. Of them, 90 occurred over the weekend, Friday Jan. 10 to Sunday Jan. 12 at midnight. Below are highlights from the weekend’s calls for service.

Tires stolen from vehicle
File # 2020-314
   A car was left tireless after someone took all four of its wheels and left it on wooden blocks.
   On Jan. 10, around 8:25 a.m., Terrace RCMP received a report regarding the theft on the 4500 block of Scott Avenue. Video surveillance showed a person removing the tires around 1:15 a.m. and tossing them over the fence on the north side of the property, then leaving on foot around 2:15 a.m.
   Police attended to investigate.

Man in custody after a string of offences
File # 2020-333
   Resisting arrest led to more charges for a Terrace man wanted on breach and theft offences.
   Around 4:40 p.m., Friday Jan. 10, a Terrace RCMP officer was patrolling downtown when a man was observed jaywalking in front of oncoming vehicles on Park Avenue and Kalum Street.
The officer recognized the man as being arrestable for breaching his release conditions, pulled over, and told the man he was under arrest. The man walked away and then resisted arrest, which required additional assistance to control and handcuff him.
   Anthony Keenan Pearson, age 20 of Terrace BC, was held in custody for court on two counts of breach, one count of theft from December, and resisting arrest. A court appearance was scheduled for Jan. 13, 2020, during which he was released by a judge with conditions.

Impaired driving
File # 2020-339
   A man was arrested for impaired driving after a truck crashed into a snowbank Friday night.
   On Jan. 10, around 10:15 p.m., Terrace RCMP responded to a report of single-vehicle crash on the 4600 block of Straume Avenue.
Police attended, investigated, and the driver was brought back to the detachment to provide breath samples. Samples taken provided a reading of more than double the blood-alcohol content required for the Criminal Code offence of exceeding .08 mgs per 100 mls of blood, in addition to the offence of impaired driving.
   A man was released with a court date and violation tickets.

File # 2020-369
   A woman lost her licence for 90 days following a vehicle stop early Sunday morning.
   Just after midnight on Jan. 12, police were conducting patrols on Hwy 16 near Eby Street when a vehicle was observed making a wide right turn onto Munroe Street.
Police stopped the vehicle and after speaking to the driver, conducted roadside breath tests, both which registered ‘Fail’ readings, indicating a blood-alcohol content exceeding .08.
   A 90-day driving prohibition and 30-day vehicle impound were served to the driver under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Vehicle stolen from parking lot
File # 2020-351
   A truck was reported stolen from the 4800 block of Hwy 16 W this weekend.
   On Jan. 11, around 11:15 a.m., Terrace RCMP responded to a report of a stolen 2014 black Dodge Ram 1500, BCDL: KM3842. It had been parked at the location overnight from 8 p.m. and 11 a.m.
   Anyone who may have seen the vehicle is asked to contact Terrace RCMP.

Sobering up with police
   Six people sobered up with police in response to disturbance related calls.
   On Friday night, two men and a youth were arrested on the 4700 block of Lakelse Avenue and the 4400 block of Park Avenue. On Jan. 11, a man was arrested on the 5600 block of Ecstall Avenue, and on Jan. 12, a man and a woman were arrested on the 3500 block of Hansen Street.
   All were released when sober.

You know the drill if you have information about crime: Call Terrace RCMP Detachment at 250 638 7400 or Crimestoppers.

Online Crime Reporting launches 23 Jan 2020

The Terrace RCMP is making it easier for the public to report non-serious crimes.

Starting Jan. 23, the Terrace RCMP Detachment is launching ‘Online Crime Reporting’, a tool which will help police better allocate resources and capture information which may otherwise go unreported.

The tool is not meant as a replacement to calling police for assistance, but as an alternative way for the public to report less serious local crimes.

An animated, faceless police officer in blue pants, shirt, and hat, stands with arms crossed in front of a computer monitor. The words Online Crime Reporting, are visible on the screen.

“It’s no secret, Terrace has experienced its share of property crimes this year” said Terrace RCMP Inspector, Jayson LUCASH. “There are often times when someone may have left their vehicle or outbuilding unlocked and noticed later that something was stolen, but have no information on where, when or who could be responsible for the theft. In such cases the Online Crime Reporting tool is a great way to allow police to capture information about where and what crime is occurring, without tying up resources to attend, document, and investigate a file that has no available evidence.” 

After the Terrace launch on Jan. 23, residents will be able to report the following using the online tool:

  • Damage/mischief to property where the value is under $5000;
  • Damage/mischief to a vehicle where the value is under $5000;
  • Hit & run to property or an unoccupied vehicle;
  • Theft of bicycle where the value is under $5000;
  • Theft of other property where the value is under $5000;
  • Theft from a vehicle where the value is under $5000;
  • Lost property. 

In order to make a report online, the following conditions MUST be met:

  • The member of the public making the online report MUST use their real name and have a valid e-mail address;
  • There MUST NOT be any witnesses or suspects;
  • Follow-up by a police officer MUST NOT be required;
  • Reports MUST NOT involve personal identification (passports, driver’s licence, etc), firearms, licence plates or validation decals on license plates;
  • The user MUST agree to the terms and conditions of use.

To make a report using the Online Crime Reporting tool visit following the launch on Jan. 23, 2020. 

In addition to providing a more convenient way for residents to make a report, assuming it meets the above criteria, this new tool will also allow call takers and frontline personnel to focus on higher priority calls, which helps improve overall safety and response times.

The move toward online reporting is part of a pilot project expansion launched in select BC communities this past summer and fall, including Prince George. For a preview of how it will look, visit and click on the Report a Crime quick link on the right side of the page.


RCMP LOOK FOR PERSON OF INTEREST in bike-theft file File # 19-13703.

Terrace RCMP are asking for the public’s help in identifying a woman following a recent bike theft at Skeena Mall.

On Dec. 20, 2019, police received a report involving a bike stolen at the mall on the 4700 block of Lakelse Avenue. Surveillance footage showed a woman taking a bike.

Police would like to speak to that woman regarding what transpired.If anyone recognizes the woman, please contact Terrace RCMP at (250) 638-7400, or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS or online at, and reference file 19-13703.