JAIL and BAIL – Aug 3

Take this fun fundraising opportunity to throw your friends and family in the slammer! The annual Terrace and Kitimat Crime Stoppers Jail and Bail event helps kick off Riverboat Days this Friday, Aug. 3 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

How it works: pick someone to get arrested for something (maybe for talking too much at work, never buying coffee, or never having a bad hair day), fill out the flyer posted above and fax (250-635-7695) or email it to barbp@elantravel.ca by Aug 2.

The email should include: – name of the organization or individual recommending someone for arrest; contact person and telephone number; name and location of person to be arrested; time to be arrested (first and second choice); and the reason for arrest.

Police will show up at the location, arrest the person, and bring them before a judge where bail will be set (minimum $50). Once bail is set, the person will be released from jail.

All money raised goes directly to Crime Stoppers and all it does to help keep the community safe.

Let’s have some fun!